Room prices from October 1, 2022:

HUF 12,900 1 person/night

HUF 15,900 for 2 people/night

HUF 18,900 for 3 people/night

Our 2023 New Year's Eve prices: from December 27 to January 1:

HUF 29,900 2 people/night

HUF 32,900 for 3 people/night

Our apartment prices are from February 1, 2023

HUF 22,900 for 2 people/night

HUF 25,900 for 3 people/night

HUF 28,900 4 people/night

HUF 31,900 for 5 people/night

Booking rules:

The prices do not include the Tourist Tax, which amounts to HUF 580/person/night for over 18s

In high season, from June 16 to August 31, a minimum of 2 nights can be booked

A minimum of 3 nights can be booked on holidays and long weekends.

Our accommodation is free for ages 0-3 (if you stay in the same room as your parents)

During Christmas, our boarding house is closed from December 23-26!

Paid services:

Breakfast (ages 10-99): 3,000.-/person/day

Breakfast (for ages 3-10): 2,500.-/person/day

Half board (ages 10-99): 6,500.-/person/day

Half board (ages 3-10): 6,000.-/person/day

Pet: 1,500.-/day

You can find information about the list of our free services in the services menu item!


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